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by Ali Reza Assadzadeh | Aug 11, 2020 | Video Production

As an active Amazon customer, products with clear demonstrative videos tend to win my choice of purchase in most cases and happily I end up with no returns.
Considering the competition on the world’s largest online sales platform, where the biggest challenge is to connect with online customers who are scrolling through thousands of similar products, having a professional product video is a must for your Amazon store.
Amazon allows you to showcase your product in six images and a video clip to grab the customers’ attention without distraction in a short period of time. Over 80% of consumers are more likely to add a product to their cart after viewing a good video.
Missing out on a video is simply not affordable for a professional Amazon seller.

What should a good Amazon video clip look like?

A good video clip should provide a large amount of information in a short period of time, build trust and liability, and strike an emotional chord with the shopper.
Your Amazon video should be one-minute, combining product highlight and explainer video as keeping a customer’s attention after a minute is not easy.
Below are some major factors you should take into account when producing your Amazon video clip:

Detailed Product Information

When people look at a product video, they are looking for information. They need to see the size, weight, capacity and all the things your product can or cannot do.
Consider adding a real-life demonstration of the product. For example, if you are selling a phone accessory, you may want to connect it to the phone during your video to give the viewer the real feeling.

Typography and Text:

Typography is extremely popular and convenient for the eye. Using the right font, color combination, effects, and speed for the text plays a key role in creating that convenience. Each caption length should be minimum 1.5 and up to 5 or 6 seconds which means that you would have around 12 captions for a one-minute video. This, however, depends on the content and the number of captions you are having simultaneously without creating distraction.
Considering the default mute option on many platforms and devices, a successful video must include all essential information by text.


A high-quality voiceover with the right artist helps you connect with the customer. It also gives you the ability to provide a large amount of information within a short period of time. Voiceover in combination with typography usually produces great results.


Music is a key factor in any video content. The right music can invoke the right emotions; motivate, inspire and get you focused.
Choose the right instrument, music type, pace, and speed, to convey your message correctly. The music can make or break your video.
Keep in mind that the majority of music we have memories with, are subject to copyright; therefore, make sure to use copyleft instrumental music for your product videos.

The Competitive Edge:

Amazon is always helping customers find similar products with minor price and specification differences. To stand out, focus on why your product is better by highlighting and diving deep into what your product can do and how it works.


Animation is used to show the internal mechanism or hidden parts and features of a product. A 3D video can bring your vision to life and animate the product where the camera stops. It also helps you highlight the competitive edge of your product.

Real Life Video:

Demonstrate the actual product, exemplify the lifestyle behind it and the customer demographic you are trying to reach. The other advantage of a real-life video is that your customer gets a better understanding of the actual feeling, size and quality.

What to avoid for Amazon product video?

Avoid any sort of customer experience video as Amazon already provides customers a platform to write their review.
Also avoid comparison videos. People usually prefer comparing the products themselves. Amazon also demands comparison videos to be strictly factual and objective.
Do not try to manipulate your customers in any way. Remember that in the end, your video should help customers decide if your product is the right quality and price match for them.
Amazon video is a powerful tool that should not only bring sales but also positive reviews, reduce helpdesk and returns.

What next:

Now that you have a video clip ready for Amazon store, make sure you also share it on your website, YouTube, and all other social media platforms. Your video will help you with Google’s algorithm and to appear on the search engine.
Investing in a quality video will elevate your Amazon Product, build trust, increase conversions, and take your business to the next level.
Send us an email or leave a comment in the form below; let us know about your Amazon product and we can help you produce a great video.

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